Genesys - Selection tool and sales configurator for air handling units (AHU)

Munters develops air conditioning, cooling and dehumidification systems for energy efficient air treatment. Divid develops Munters product selection tool and sales configurator that is used to select, configure and calculate Munters systems.


The product selection tool, which is web-based, is used globally by Munters own sales force and external HVAC consultants when designing new facilities to quickly produce a quotation basis. A dehumidification system or air conditioner is a complex product composed of many components. All units are customer order specific which creates a great need for effective configuration and calculation tools. Divid is working closely with Munters in the development of product selection tools to suit Munters operations and products.


About Munters
Munters is a global leader and premium partner in energy efficient air treatment solutions. Using innovative technologies, our expert engineers create the perfect climate for customers in a wide range of industries with the largest being the food, pharmaceutical and data center sectors. Munters has been defining the future of air treatment since 1955. Today, manufacturing and sales are carried out in 30 countries by around 2700 employees. Munters reports annual net sales in the region of SEK 5 billion and is owned by Nordic Capital Fund VII.

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